Tuesday, 17 April 2018

An ERRANT, or Improper Form

This morning I am working in the foyer at Jessop West - please interrupt me.

This afternoon from 1.30pm I am looking forward to welcoming Emma Bolland. She and I are collaborating on a piece of work titled An ERRANT, or Improper Form

We will be producing speculative narratives by writing directly into the timelines of projected films. These are films we have not watched before and without sound. Mimicking modes of ‘fansubbing’ (the phenomenon whereby collaborative groups of amateur translators subtitle and stream material as diverse as Anime, or Game of Thrones, within hours of its first broadcast, often using formal experimentation and interventionist translator notes), we will produce new and experimental text narratives which will interrupt the visual nature of the film clips. 

‘Fansubbing is defined as ‘improper’[…] however, the errancy of fansubbing exceeds this definitional parameter, also manifesting in more explicit, intentional forms of disobedience and irregularity.’

Rachel Smith

Emma Bolland

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