Tuesday, 24 April 2018

copying was an act of reproduction; now it is nominated as an act of creation

Today in Jessop West foyer, artists Rachel Smith and Madeleine Walton are copying, and responding to Bartleby the Scrivener the novella by Herman Melville. 

They are interested in a variety of conceptual writing strategies as well as following the observations of Roland Barthes: 

Has it never happened, as you were reading a book, that you kept stopping as you read, not because you weren't interested, but because you were: because of a flow of ideas, stimuli, associations? In a word, haven't you ever happened to read while looking up from your book? 

While typing the distractions and sounds from the foyer will possibly seep into the typed work

Come along and interrupt 

Become part of the typed distraction in the work, or join in and take your turn with a vintage typewriter 

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